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Our Partners

We partner up with many shops and stores in the telecommunication industry to make our interns work there after they finish their courses for 1 week to experience the real-life working environment in this industry. there is no fees or charges to any party. Everything is absolutely free. And in addition, the shop/store will have a spot on our website plus an updated list of our interns with their skills.

Want to join them ?

And be in our website

All you have to do is to call us


And we will visit your shop/store and give you our latest list of our best interns and more details regarding our partnership agreement

Don’t worry we do NOT charge you anything.

Notable Alumni

Our Interns

In every course, we evaluate our interns based on discipline, skill, speed of learning and professionalism. after that, we add them to our database. And whoever reach a certain level of overall evaluation become notable alumni. we give him a spot in our website and highly recommend him for our partner's shops and stores.

Want to join them ?

And be in our website

You need to take the course with us and you have to be good at it.

You must be passion about it, No leaves & No lateness

If you have all these in you, then you will be added here with the best Interns we ever had

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