Keys to Success

Who We Are

Saudi establishment founded in late 2016 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Specialized in all items related to smartphones. Accessories, Training courses, Parts and Wholesale.

Our Identity

We are a Saudi-based establishment specialized in electronic and the related gears to it. And also giving and teaching courses on repairing smartphones. Taking the name Technical Orbit as a full name and “Tech Orbit” as a short one. Where the part ORBIT represent the wide range of our ambitious and how big and diverse is this industry.

Our Mission

Fully filling the gap in the telecommunications industry by saudi citizens. Providing a high-quality accessories and replacement parts to everyone.

Our Vision

A better telecommunication industry runs by Saudi citizen in every city with very sophisticated technicians. And a client who can only select what he want to get it.

Success Faces

What We Do

Retail or Wholesale are both done in our eShop. Want to learn how to fix a smartphone? you could book your ticket through our eShop too. And there is support too.

Selling Products

A variety of high-quality and good-priced smartphones accessories, replacement parts and gadgets all under one page 😉

Training Courses

Learn your way to be on top of the maintenance technicians that are very needed these days, we have the basics and the advanced courses for the smartphone’s hardware along with the software course which is obviously for the smartphone’s software.


Unlike others, our support does not extend just 48 hours after you purchase something. We have many types of support and after-sale services. Supporting our interns in many ways and our clients too.


How We Do It

Love it and keep it simple. That's all


No complexity nor many processes, just a few clear and well-explained clicks and you are done. Whether booking a ticket or buying something.


Serving only services and items that are hand-picked by our experts, just to relieve you from checking out or asking about it.


Because we love doing what we do, we are going to keep improving it for you and for ourself too.



We are the individuals who represent the great "Tech Orbit" to the universe

Fahad Alshetaiti
Abdulrahman Jami
IT Expert & Coordinator
Senior Course Instructor


Partners, Courses Interns, Clients & Customers. Go and check them out and don't forget to read about them on our blog or our portfolio

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Partners, Courses Interns, Clients & Customers. Read what they said about us, and you might be the next one.


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