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An Orbit for all Technology

Welcome to Tech Orbit Website

Saudi establishment for all related to smartphones. Accessories, Training courses, Services and Wholesale.

Passion, Value & Right way

This is what we love to work with

Repair Courses

Providing a variety of smartphones courses related to repairing and maintaining them. All comes in practical applying with simple tools.

Partnership & Support

Giving our notable alumni a chance to work in real life stores and shops in the smartphones industry. And support them all by direct communications.

Accessories & Parts

Presenting a variety of smartphones accessories and internal parts for repairing and services. Along with exclusive smart gadgets.

Shopping & Wholesale

Selling our products as wholesale or retail for all type of customers and by our new eShop on our website or in our store in Riyadh, KSA.


Who We Are

A startup company headed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In a mission to fill the gap in the telecommunications industry after “The Ministry of Labour and Social Development” enforce the industry to work and be running by Saudi citizens only by teaching the community how to work in such new environment.

Besides providing many resources such as accessories, replacement parts and fixing tools. to help our course students and our customers with their gears and gadgets.

We also partnered up with many working shops and stores in this industry, so our students could enroll with them to experience a real working environment in the telecommunications industry.

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Where we good at

Our Services

We serve our loved customers a variety of services. And we do the best we could to make it the best out there just for the sake of you. Yes you 🙂

Smartphone Courses

Holding 3 different types of smartphones courses, two of them are a basics course and the other one is the advanced level. Plus there is a smartphone software course. All of our courses are basically focusing on the praxis part in most.


Want to fill your stock or your store with many replacement parts or accessories? we can help with that. We are already doing a lot of business with our friends in China.

Smartphones Accessories

We sell plenty of accessories in all types and sizes for all devices or even the ones that stands alone by it self. So, don't forget to choose your favorite

Online Shopping

Our love for you makes us want to do better in everything, so we are pleased to tell you that you don't need to come to us, we will send out everything you want to your doorstep as soon as you pay for it. So, check our store out

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Latest Posts

You'll love it, read out our latest news and posts we post in our blog, To know more details about everything we do and to hear first.

Creativity at its Peak

Our Portfolio

In our portfolio, you will find the work we proudly did in our past. All future work we are going to do is going to be placed here after we finish it. Stay with us

Basics Repairing Course in Riyadh

  The first ever course you set up, It was a grat experience on so many levels. We met too many talented people, and they were [...]

Trust Built


See what our happy clients said about us. You might be the next one.

Next Course

Smartphones Repairing Courses

Here are all of our courses that we teach and hold. Choose a course that is good for you and for your needs and enroll to it now!

  • Basics Repairing Course
  • SR1500
    One Time
  • 18 hours of praxis.

    No hidden fees. No pressure.

    One ticket for One enrollment.

    Check up, Opening, Installation & Repair.

    Add-Ons*: Heater, Power Supply & Full set of Screwdrivers.

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  • Advanced Repairing Course
  • SR3500
    One Time
  • 60 hours of praxis.

    No hidden fees. No pressure.

    One ticket for One enrollment.

    IC, Mobile Board and many advanced fixes.

    Add-Ons*: Soldering device

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  • Software Course
  • SR2000
    One Time
  • 12 hours of praxis.

    No hidden fees. No pressure.

    One ticket for One enrollment.

    Restore, Backup, Updates & much more.

    Add-Ons*: None.

  • Learn More

* Add-Ons comes with extra cost

Over and Done


Our portfolio in form of numbers. Here are the numbers we are very happy and proud with

Partners Shops
All the shops & store we are partnered up with
Interns Graduated
All interns who finished our courses.
Courses Given
The number of courses we did
The number of products in our eShop
Our Professionals

Meet The Team

All the things we do is done by this great team, Meet us we are so friendly 🙂

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Our Associates

Our partners in the success we at, shops, store, brands, clients and the greatest alumni.

Why Tech Orbit?

Here in Tech Orbit, we believe in doing things perfectly. Otherwise, we don’t do it. Our Course, the stuff we sell on our eShop and even our wholesale parts, we serve it to you with a very high quality and as fast as it is possible. So don’t you worry about that, all you need to worry about is your selection, and we will help you with that if you want too.

So, what are you waiting for ?? head straight to our shop and buy yourself the best accessory we have, a ticket to our next course or even order a bulk of replacement parts for your shop.

Tech Orbit
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